Financial Benefits


Financial Benefits

Upgrading existing equipment or migrating to new networks can involve large costs for network operators. Here HRK Technology can help in several ways

By working with us, operators can defer the cost of future upgrades and migrations by extending the life cycle of legacy networks as we are able to supply the necessary second-hand parts which enable customers to carry out maintenance and also add new capacity where necessary.

This has 2 financial benefits:

  • Firstly, by buying from HRK Technology, the operator is buying equipment at a large discount from vendors’ pricing.
  • Secondly, and more importantly, the operator is avoiding the need to pull out their fully functional legacy network and make a huge investment in new equipment.

When it comes to upgrades and migrations, HRK Technology can also supply new equipment at significant discounts from vendors’ list prices. So whether our customers want to reduce the initial cost of purchase, or to extend the life of infrastructure and thereby increase the overall Return on Investment, HRK Technology can help.

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