Selling to us

If you have de-installed, surplus or end-of-life equipment sitting in your warehouse or on-site, HRK Technology can assist. We are able to buy surplus inventory and provide asset management services for end-of-life equipment. For more information on the type of equipment we are interested in buying, please click here.

If you have equipment to sell to us, please follow the steps below:

  1. You should provide us with details of your inventory (via e-mail, using a Word or Excel document), to include:
    • Manufacturer’s Name
    • Part Numbers
    • Part Descriptions
    • Quantities
    • Condition – Is the equipment new or used? Is it in good working condition?
    • Location – Is the equipment on-site or de-installed, in a warehouse?
  2. HRK Technology will evaluate your information and contact you to discuss your priorities which will enable us to maximise returns for your equipment.
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