Software Issues


Software Issues

Some hardware is delivered with the original embedded software, but without the right to use it. That means that the embedded software is not licensed for use.

This is the case with Cisco equipment for example. Cisco software licences (IOS) are not transferable between end-users. It is therefore necessary for a customer who buys Cisco hardware to re-license the product directly with Cisco in order to use that product in a live environment.

Re-licensing issues vary between different vendors. In some cases, end-users have specific agreements with the vendor which cover all of their on-site equipment. In other cases, licenses from faulty units can be transferred to the new replacement unit.

Hardware with embedded software intended for maintenance stocks (not a live environment) does not need to be re-licensed with the vendor.

If you have any doubts regarding software licensing issues, please contact HRK Technology for more information.

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